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We racked up 18,932,563 impressions, including mentions like these.

Merrill Cain from the Grand Stands

What Grand Prix client Merrill Cain had to say about the event’s success.

A Driver Weighs In

Driver Simona de Silvestro talks social media at the race.

The Challenge: Spark an IndyCar Revolution

How do you broaden your audience and turn casual spectators into diehard fans? You inspire passion. The Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix already had a modest fan base, but needed to deepen that loyalty and build awareness. So we created an immersive social experience that gave fans a trackside seat, made them part of the action and brought IndyCar racing to life for a whole new generation.


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The Solution: An Immersive Social Experience

Detroit Grand Prix Hits the Digital Track

Community Management
Throughout race weekend, we managed all of Grand Prix’s social channels, keeping the momentum going, the content riveting and the message on track. And because everybody loves a good contest, we sponsored a few of those, too.
Social Media Summit
We met up with Grand Prix sponsors’ social media teams to get everyone acquainted and on the same starting line. Our social media toolkit ensured that both hashtags and game plans aligned.
The Inside Track
The weekend we’d all been waiting for was here. And we were ready for it with the Inside Track—an on-site social program created to help fans get the most out of their race experience. Race-goers got VIP access to behind-the-scenes moments and other shareable content, guided tours of the venue and the opportunity to learn everything they ever wanted to know about the Detroit Grand Prix.
Pre Race Activation
As the final countdown to Grand Prix weekend began, we warmed up the crowd by live tweeting from a series of pre-race events, from Blogger Day to Street Fest.
The Tweet Up
We invited 100 of Grand Prix’s sponsors, biggest fans and influencers to build pre-race buzz by covering a series of IndyCar topics and special events. Not only did it up the excitement ante and get the word out, our Tweet Up gave race-goers the thrilling chance to connect with their favorite drivers and fellow mega fans.
Wind Down
Long after the dust had settled at the track, we kept the IndyCar spirit revving with plenty of great conversation, buzz-worthy content and an exciting look ahead at next year’s event.

Media Channels

We created a campaign that spanned all of the major social media networks. Crafted to reach an audience on all platforms, CPU, mobile, and tablet, we were successfully able to exponentially increase the exposure of the Grand Prix.

Grand Prix in the Headlines

Our PR efforts won Detroit Grand Prix the buzz it deserved, with an astounding number of news releases, viewers and circulation.

Media Value

Best. Year. Ever.

The Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix had an unprecedented social year, landing over 20,000 mentions.

In Summary: We Broke Twitter

Well not really. But #DetroitGP was the second highest organic topic in the nation. Press sparked from our social activation had a circulation of almost 400 million. The Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix logged over 20,000 mentions and 360,000 impressions. And best of all, millions of new IndyRace fans were born.