Chrysler had a lot on the line when it decided to build the Dodge Dart.

It was the first vehicle to be built on Chrysler’s new Alfa Romeo platform and Sergio Marchionne personally made  promises to the President of the United States that the vehicle would exceed expectations with its fuel economy. They needed to educate their workforce on this new vehicle platform, as well as get the word out to help generate some excitement around this nameplate that was being resurrected after 37 years. 


Educate the Chrysler workforce in a fun and engaging way
Be accessible to people of all technological competency levels
Encourage workers to share their knowledge with friends and family


Our solution combined straightforward training elements with mobile Q/A games and combined it with online experiences rich with music, sound effects and narration. We tracked every player’s progress on a leaderboard and rewarded our most loyal users for their dedication with daily point bonuses. All of this activity was thoroughly planned to take place over an eight-week period, strategically releasing new content that would build upon what they learned in the previous week. Our players were engaged and passionate throughout the duration of the challenge until the final point was tallied and the prizes were awarded.

What Chrylser Employees Had To Say

“The method of playing a game to learn more about the new Dart was exciting. The amount of knowledge given through each activity, in short span of time, was amazing. I did not realize that the Dart had so many amazing features. I was excited to share it with friends and family.”

“Great idea to help employees gain knowledge about our products. I am a firm believer that our employees can be the best way to advertise and promote our products.”

“The text challenges were awesome along with the facts that support it. Those facts were easy to pass along with friends and family. I actually fowarded the questions to family/friends to see if they knew the answers and forwarded your facts response to educate them. I would keep sending stuff out even after challenge is over. We can opt out at anytime. It’s a great way to keep workers informed!”

Eight Weeks Later...

After weeks of daily engagement and weekly content releases, the results were overwhelming.